Gunsmithing at H & H

Gunsmithing is a science and art dating back centuries. Combining engineering prowess, technical knowledge and artistry, gunsmiths are able to create, modify and restore firearms of all types. Gunsmiths have always been at the forefront of firearms technology and have a passion for what they do. Here at H & H Engineering we are dedicated to keeping historic firearms functional as well as turning them into something to be proud of!

We know there are millions of firearms out there that have been neglected or forgotten about over the years. It is our passion to bring their history back to life. With years of experience and accumulated knowledge there’s next to nothing we can’t preserve, restore or fix. With formal manufacturing engineering education, gunsmithing certification and thousands of hours of gunsmithing under our belts we are confident in our work and are sure that you will love what we can do for you.

While we love antiques, we are still passionate about modern firearms technology! Anything that your modern equipment might need we can do it for you. On site we have machining equipment and a plethora of gunsmithing tools to fix just about anything under the sun.

Here is a short list of some of our services, if there’s anything not listed give us a call anytime and we’ll be happy to help!